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Programming focuses on marketing, branding, UX/UI design, communications, social media, creativity and professional development. The annual conference attracts 3,000+ attendees and includes 150+ speakers / 125+ sessions over 2+ days in the heart of downtown Seattle. SIC also hosts events throughout the year.

Seattle Interactive Conference sponsorships allow you to connect with the businesses and people leading the region's booming digital industry. From top companies to innovative brands, marketers to designers, technologists to cultural beacons, thousands of people all attend SIC for inspiring speakers, tactical content and networking opportunities.

Whether you're a company rooted in Seattle, looking to join our business community, or want to connect with the region’s top talent, SIC is a perfect opportunity to establish quality connections, and a sponsorship is the most effective way to do it.

We build custom sponsorship packages for all our partners. From hosted sessions to engaging activations, we’re focused on creative ways to align your goals with the authentic SIC experience. When our partners provide value to attendees, they make stronger connections and leave lasting impressions.

Why SIC?

Locally-owned with credibility in the community

Brands, marketers, creatives & technologists attend

3,000+ Connections in one place, ready to do business

Meet face-to-face with decision-makers and influencers

SponsorshipS are affordable and can be customized

Some sponsorship options include attendee contacts

Establish a foothold in booming Seattle tech industry

SIC is really, really awesome

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